(1) Line filter suppressing conductive noise ranging from low to high frequencies
  generated at power supply circuits of various electronic equipment.
(2) Wide inductance range.
(3) Current up to 15 Amps.
(4) Many style available.
(5) High levels of safety and reliability.
(6) Easy PC Bourd Mounting.
(7) Available as vertically or horizontally mounted.
(1) Suppresses noise in DC circuits for switching regulators.
(2) Protects primary AC side form being affected by a switching regulator.
(3) Filter noise emitting form uitrasonic equipment.
(4) Filter electronic noise form power and signal lines.
(5) Eliminates contact noise.
(6) Filters incoming spike noise for ICs and equipmentusing microcomputers.
(7) Minimizes noise emissions for conforming to FCC, VCCI, FTZ, CISPR, JTTC and VDE.
(8) Minimizes noise emissions form inverters.
(9) Applied equipment: TV, VCR, Switching Power source, NC machines, computer
 systems, peripheral units and measuring instrument.

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